Beanbag Design was founded by Anand H Doddanna and Anitha Chris Evert in 2005. A highly creative, strategically-focused, full service ad agency cum design house in Bangalore City. Since its inception we work passionately every day on behalf of an incredibly diverse range of clients. The uncommon blend of clients reveals our greatest strengths - our ability to motivate customers and build brands in just about any business category, using most of every form of media and the design technologies.

At Beanbag Design the process always begins with as much information as possible and as much thinking time it takes. This is the point where we consider, very seriously, what the design is actually for, what questions and benefits it has to communicate and who it has to communicate to. For equally attractive rates and with comparable enthusiasm we can deal with any of your communication projects.

We are committed to doing far more than creating clever communications. Rather, we create a complete web of engagement, connecting target audiences with clients' brands, products and services. For some we are stylists, to others strategists, to the enlightened we're thinkers and to the fresh-faced we are helpers.

We are ready for all the unique challenges. We'd love to start working on the inspired solution you've been waiting for.