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At BBS, we're not just a design studio; we're creators of immersive stories. Established in 2005 as Beanbag Design by Anand H Doddanna and Anitha Chris Evert, our path has been defined by a dedication to clients and a passion for outstanding design.

With 18+ years in the field, BBS is a hub of creativity in Bangalore City. Our expertise spans diverse areas, from graphics and identity to websites, advertising, and more. We believe that exceptional design is a blend of passion, intelligence, and personal commitment.

As project creators, we're deeply involved, ensuring that every endeavor surpasses expectations. Our customer-centric approach transforms ideas into impactful narratives, engaging and inspiring audiences.

Our philosophy starts with understanding your objectives. We delve into your design's purpose, questions, and target audience, ensuring our creations effectively communicate and resonate.

BBS goes beyond aesthetics, uniting brand, product, and service to captivate customers. With tailored services, strategic insights, and creative expertise, we're your partners in success.

We thrive on challenges, turning visions into reality. Join us in elevating your brand and delivering extraordinary experiences to your customers. Explore innovation with Beanbag Business Solutions.




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